You won’t look at Kingston’s heritage architecture quite the same way after having a look at my pictures. I love picking out the intricate details and giving them a dramatic twist, especially in black and white.

I am on a mission to notice the world around me, through my lens. I live in Kingston, but I am originally from Berlin, Germany. Our family immigrated to Canada in 2010, when my husband accepted a faculty position at Queen’s University.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I have taken some photography classes; my current approach though is ‘learning by doing’ – all the time. Which means you will often see my family rolling their eyes because either they have to wait for me to catch up to them or I am crouching on the ground somewhere to get the shot of that special something that happened to catch my eye.

My gear is simple, usually stuffed into my purse – can‘t leave the house without. You never know what you may come across in a day!

I very much enjoy walking Kingston’s wonderful downtown in search of my next shot or just watching life happening around me in this diverse and awesome place. Hoping you do, too!

May 2020 – Exhibition at Unit 115 / Kingston Arts Council @ The Tett

June 2019 – Art Show at Doner Studio

May 2019 – CFB Kingston Arts & Craft Sale

April 2019 – Exhibit at Kingston Coffeehouse/Marketsquare

November/December 2018 – Select framed photography at Kingston Holiday Market

November 2018 – Featured on Kingston Art Council’s “YGK Arts Project”

November/December 2018 – RE:MEMBER… A Modern Fuel Members’ Exhibition

November 2018 – Member of Modern Fuel Art Gallery in Kingston, Ontario

November 2018 – handmade Christmas cards  available at Novel Idea

October 2018 – Framed Kingston themed photography available at Jolie Home Decor

October 2018 – Exhibitor at the curated “Fantasy In The Forest” Art Show by Jamie Brick

August 2018 – Exhibitor at Women’s Art Fest in Kingston City Park

July 2018 – Exhibit at Kingston Coffeehouse ‘Kingston Surrounded By Water’

May 2018 – Exhibit at Kingston Coffeehouse ‘Kingston In Black And White’

May 2018 – ongoing cooperation with Tourism Kingston, a variety of Kingston themed,

handmade greeting cards available at the Visitor Experience Centre

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