This whole Valentine’s thing is still lingering. And maybe my anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment was not very romantic (hoping I didn’t throw off the hubby…). Here I am, making up for that.

Anyway, this here is a very romantic and sweet picture. Taken last summer at a Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll Festival in Germany, the Walldorf Weekender happening in Walldorf every year. Since we live in Canada now, I hadn’t been able to go in a few years and it was fun being back, running into old friends and listening to awesome music.

Or maybe cropped like this? Meant cropping a lot though…

With regards to photos, this was the first time I brought a real camera to one of these shows and I wasn’t embarrassed about using it either, so I think I came up with a few good shots, more of those at another time.

Straight out of the camera. Very busy and distracting.

It must be true that sometimes you need to let your photos be and then come back to them with fresh eyes. For the longest time I was sad, that I hadn’t been able to get the shot I had imagined or represent this couple the way I saw them together. They were swing dancing and really enjoying each other’s company, but with everybody milling around them, I thought I hadn’t caught it. Only today, when I looked through these pictures again, I realized it was an easy crop & edit to make the photo happen that I had been looking for all along.

Here they are in action!

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