Valentine’s Day

Today, I just bought myself a bunch of lovely orange tulips. In the middle of winter these colourful, bright flowers do cheer me up.


It also happens to be Valentine’s Day tomorrow. For a moment I thought, well, let the hubby get you some flowers tomorrow. But then I decided, no, I’m getting these for myself. Because, really, I am not a fan of the whole commercialized buzz about Valentine’s Day. Take the stress off of poor husbands! One year hubby did get me a large bouquet of roses and they were wonderful. Until I looked at the credit card bill and realized how much they had cost! I told him not to ever get me flowers like that again. For that sum of money we could have gone out and enjoyed an entire romantic candle light dinner together. Or I could’ve planted a whole rosebush in my garden and enjoyed wonderful blooms and scents again and again. Also, I need to sing his praise here, he does get me flowers for no particular reason, just because, every now and then. And I much rather have those then the expensive bouquet prompted by the florists and greeting card industry. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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