After The Storm

Watch out, neighbours, here’s the crazy lady again, out in her PJs, boots and coat and the camera before anyone has had breakfast yet…

black-eyed susans dawn sun snow
Good thing I didn’t clean up the garden in the fall. Black-Eyed Susans are pretty in the snow, too

No time to take any photos yesterday while trying to stay on top of the snow shoveling in the driveway.

schneefloeckchen weissroeckchen
Schneefloeckchen, Du deckst uns die Bluemelein zu. Dann schlafen sie sicher, in himmlischer Ruh’.

These are the results of my quick wading through the deep snow in the backyard this morning, refreshing at what supposedly felt like -20C. But the sun was out, so who cares!

black-eyed susans in snow
More Black-Eyed Susans

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