It had been a while, but I did participate in Flickrs Macro Monday challenge today. I must say I really like the wide-open theme of ‘monochrome’ for this week.

Image of monochrome blossoms in winter.

Sometimes the themes are so narrow that I have difficulty coming up with a contribution. But this week I honestly had a hard time deciding which photo is my best shot for the theme. Which is the reason why I created a spin-off group a while back, Macro Monday Re-takes or alternate images. Any image that didn’t make the cut for you as a contribution to the Macro Mondays challenge (which is limited to a single photo per week) can be shared here.

Sparkling Ice In The Sunshine

Apparently, if you edit your photo within hues of one colour, that will also count as monochrome, but I must say, personally, I prefer ‘natural’ monochromes. I did play with it a bit, but in the end liked all my more natural shades of a colour much better.

Edited Winter Beauties

Let me know which one is your favourite!

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